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best drill press
best drill press

Drilling machines are devices that are used for drilling, reaming, threading, and other types of processing various kinds of holes and the inner parts of products.

For such operations, these units are equipped with drills, core drills, taps and burin special nozzles. The main principle of the drill - the rotation and forward movement of the tool along the predetermined axis.

On the basis of structural features and applications, such devices are divided into several types:

Vertical - spindle is vertical and the preform is located on Verstat table. The most commonly used for the treatment of small products.
Horizontal - spindle is horizontal. They are used for handling and drilling holes of great depth.
Multi-spindle - have several spindles. Elements are used to process a large number of holes.
Centering - are used for drilling holes in the ends of the workpiece.
Boring - used for boring and processing of orifices.
In addition, the drilling machines are stationary and portable. The first most often have great power and are used in large industries. But the more universal and common are certainly portable. These units allow you to work with even the largest designs in quite remote places. They are equipped with a powerful electromagnet, whereby drilling may be carried out in any position inclined, vertically, horizontally and even in the ceiling.

best bench drill press

Determine the appropriate model is simple, if you know precisely the scope of the unit in the future. Drilling machine with magnetic soles must be selected on the basis of several parameters:

maximum drilling diameter;
maximum drilling depth;
the presence of engine reverse;
weight and dimensions of the device;
Power (chosen on the basis of future congestion).
If you buy a drilling machine on the magnetic soles, it will be an easy, reliable and versatile tool. It is ideal to perform various types of installation and assembly operations with metal structures, not only in stationary conditions, but outdoors. This unit is simply irreplaceable for small businesses, and large specialized factories.